Production capacity development

Contracts CD 2022


AEE Power Ventures, S.L. - USD 0.75  Technical Assistance

AEE Power Ventures (“AEE-PV”), domiciled in Spain, is a subsidiary of AEE Power Holdings SARL (“AEE”), active in the development, financing, construction, and operations of energy infrastructure projects in Sub Saharan Africa. In December 2020, AEE-PV (together with two other partners) was retained as preferred bidder for the ESSOR Mini-Grid Project in the DRC, which aims to improve access to electricity in isolated cities by means of hybrid solar mini-grids implemented under long-term concessional structures. The project will implement three independent mini-grids in the cities of Bumba, Gemena and Isiro (each with a population of over 150k people). As one of the first mini-grid initiatives in DRC, the Project is expected to pave the way for comparable initiatives in the country.


Dharma Life - EUR 100,000 Technical Assistance

The objective of the project is to support the social enterprise Dharma Life to build their capabilities in three interrelated areas: i) strengthening Client Protection Principles, ii) enhancing the core finance function and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) compliance and iii) improving the credit risk management function.


GOGLA EUR 10,000 Development Contribution

GOGLA promotes responsible business in the off-grid solar industry. The funding provided will enable GOGLA to expand the value and influence of their work on financial transparency and consumer protection and supports the development of setting the industry standards on other topics such as e-waste.


International Conflict and Security - EUR 18,600 Technical Assistance


Security and human rights training for Energy customers operating in fragile states.


d.light - EUR 18,650 Technical Assistance

Through this project, FMO supports its customer d.light Kenya to strengthen their Client Protection Principles based on the GOGLA Consumer Protection Code.