Production 2022


C-Quest Capital SG Africa Holdings Private Limited – USD 6.4 mln debt

Clean cooking stoves have a substantial (social) impact, including a reduction of GHG emissions, avoided deforestation, numerous health benefits, and reduced labour burden for fuel collection. Health and labour benefits particularly affect women. The transaction fits AEF’s strategy, as well as FMO EN’s inclusive business and green strategy. The transaction concerns a senior debt facility to C-Quest Capital Africa (CQC-A), to finance the deployment of clean cooking stoves and other carbon programs across various jurisdictions in Sub-Saharan Africa. CQC is one of the market leaders in the sector, offering a scalable model while realizing substantial social impact.


d.light design Ltd – USD 0.7 mln warrant

d.light is a leading off-grid energy provider that offers a range of solutions to lower income households, from small solar-lanterns to pay-as-you-go (“PAYGO”) solar home systems. d.light is headquartered in Nairobi and mostly sells and finances their products in East Africa and India, thereby providing a sustainable alternative to polluting kerosene lanterns and other fossil fuel based alternative energy sources.