Production capacity development

Contracts CD 2019

Acumen Fund - EUR 2,500,000
The goal of this project is to provide early stage investments in companies providing clean, affordable, renewable off-grid energy solutions. In April 2019, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (“MoFA”) approved a commitment of EUR 2.5 million (USD 2.8 million) to PEII from the special AEF Non-Revolving Grant Budget, specifically from the EUR 5.9 million envelope for Early Stage Investment Grants.

D.Light Design Ltd - EUR 72,000
The aim is to improve d.Light’s understanding of affordability at acquisition of the customer and post-acquisition, thus ensuring mis-selling is limited, whilst ensuring the financial model of the company is sustainable and enables the company to accelerate the roll out of its products.

OffGrid Electric - EUR 65,721
The project’s aim is to support ZOLA in establishing a sustainable credit function and in improving all aspects of credit risk management: from customer selection and collection, to compliance and risk monitoring. 

Value for Women - EUR 226,116
The project will provide an opportunity for FMO to offer a set of investees in its portfolio, technical support that will help them integrate gender into their operations and track the business and impact benefits of those changes. Additionally, the project will contribute to building an emerging body of evidence that points to the business case for the inclusion of women across business operations.