Modular biodigesters in Kenya

Buen Manejo del Campo, Kenya

Who is our client

Buen Manejo del Campo (operating under the name, incorporated in 2010 in Mexico, is a company that designs, manufactures, distributes, sells, and finances a range of prefabricated and modular biodigesters plus related accessories to small- and medium-sized farms. The prefabricated modular biodigester includes a full suite of biogas appliances and connections. It is easy to install and use, it receives organic waste which is transformed into renewable biogas and organic fertilizer. The company is currently active in Mexico, Kenya, India, Nicaragua, and Colombia.

Funding objective

The objective of the investment is to allow the company to continue its expansion in the Kenyan market specifically. The proceeds of the AEF USD 1 million loan will primarily be used to fund working capital needs.

Why we fund this project provides smallholder farmers in rural areas access to a renewable source of energy (biogas), which can be used to replace fossil fuel and wood-fired cooking, and biofertilizer (bio slurry), which can be used to increase crop yields and replace chemical alternatives. In addition, the replacement of wood and fossil fuels and chemical fertilizers plus the efficient management of animal waste mitigate GHG emissions and have significant health benefits. Moreover, use of biogas reduces the time and labor burden of fuelwood collection. Combined, this contributes to increases in household productivity and potential cost savings, leading to socioeconomic empowerment and ultimately spurring economic growth. By providing a loan to, FMO helps to close a financing gap and supports the company to expand into new markets and increase their social and environmental impact.