Production capacity development

Contracts CD 2021


ZIZ Energie - Chad - EUR 106,563 Technical Assistance

Consultant IBIS will provide ZIZ Energie with capacity building services in the areas of Environmental and Social (E&S) risk management and governance. The technical assistance will support the transfer of knowledge, skills, and expertise to improve the sustainability of ZIZ Energie, a provider of off-grid energy operating in Chad.


Different projects in Burkina Faso - EUR 9,000 Technical Assistance


Consultant Incas was engaged to help the projects developing manuals to improve their organizational structure, to mitigate and manage the security risks in rural Burkina Faso.


Health and Safety tools for the electrical distribution sector. - EUR 40,000 Technical Assistance


In collaboration with EBRD, consultant Harper was hired to develop health and safety tools for the Electrical Distribution Sector. The tools and resources will become freely available to help key stakeholders including Electric Distribution Enterprises, Investors, Civil Society Originations and Regulators. The purpose is to raise awareness of the risks associated with electricity transmission and distribution and ultimately prevent injuries to workers and local communities exposed to electrical networks.


JCM Power Corporation - EUR 54,000 Technical Assistance

Assistance to help in the enhancement of JCM’s Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Access (“IDEA”) Strategy. JCM’s goal is to address key barriers in achieving gender equality across the company and the project companies. Through this technical assistance, the intention is to apply a gender-lens to all decision-making, day-to-day activities, and to increase women’s participation in the renewable energy sector.


Global Off Grid Lighting Association - EUR 150,000 Development Contribution

GOGLA promotes responsible business in the off-grid solar industry. The funding provided will enable GOGLA to expand the value and influence of their work on financial transparency and consumer protection and develop a new theme of corporate governance by supporting GOGLA’s flagship programs, PAYGo PERFORM and the Consumer Protection Code. This will complement income from membership fees, company co-finance and other development partners.