Production capacity development

Contracts CD 2020


Lakeside Pakistan - EUR 38,712
Lakeside Energy is developing a 50MW Wind power project in Pakistan. The aim of the CD project is to support the customers and their local E&S consultant in preparing the necessary E&S documentation

D.Light Design Ltd - EUR 100,000
It is essential that hospitals have access to energy, in general, and even more so during COVID-19, to be able to help their patients well. Hospitals -especially rural- typically lack means to pay for d.light’s products. The aim of the CD project is to electrify 300 off-grid private clinics across rural Kenya, increasing the quality of healthcare to the citizens.

Consorcio Eolico Amayo - EUR 100,000
Amayo generates 94 GWh/yr; 13% of the country’s wind generation. During COVID-19, the CD project supported the customer in its humanitarian efforts to the community, by means of medical protection equipment to health professionals in the community. Moreover, cleaning supplies and face masks were provided to people from the community.

FasoBiogaz - EUR 200,000
AEF provided a development contribution to complete two biodigesters in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. The biodigesters will receive organic waste from a slaughterhouse and a brewery nearby and use the gas to produce electricity that is sold to the national electricity company SONABEL. The organic material that remains in the biodigesters is taken out and sold as fertiliser. FasoBiogaz is the first privately owned larger biogas project in Burkina Faso.

Scatec Bangladesh - EUR 40,650
Bangla Sun Solar (Scatec Bangladesh) is a 50MW solar photovoltaic project in development. The CD grant is for knowledge on the management and mitigation measures of COVID-19, through training and peer learning sessions.